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Kitchen Experiments: Umami-packed Rice Balls

May 11, 2020 9:00 am

Rice Balls

Kids at home usually get bored with routine things that happen during this prolonged quarantine period, even with the usual food we serve to them. Whether you are serving meaty dishes or gulay recipes , kids can get tired of eating the same meals over and over. It is a challenge to address this problem especially in this time of limited food access and restrictive measures in the community.

The National Staple

Usual grocery bags of people nowadays are filled with instant meals, frozen goods, canned meats, etc. But one thing remains in the shopping list that no instant food can replace for the Filipino plate and palate. Considered as a Filipino staple, rice is a must for every Filipino household.

Ingredient Versatility

Rice is a versatile ingredient. Different cooking methods and preparations can be applied to bring out the goodness from these humble grains. Filipinos like to make it simple. Hence, you have steamed rice in every household for every meal. You can also make day-old rice into fried rice. For special events, you can do Paella, Arroz Valenciana, or Bringhe. Others make desserts and snacks out of it like suman, biko, kalamay, etc. It is a simple ingredient that, when mixed with other ingredients, will pop out the goodness of every dish.

Experiment on Presentation

Rice can be served in many ways. Take sushi for example, rice is rolled with various ingredients then dipped in a soy mixture. Another innovative example is a meatloaf musubi wherein rice takes the shape of the meatloaf then bonded with a seaweed sheet.

This rice ball recipe is a simple and fun experiment. You can even invite your kids to help you make these delicious treat. Rice is mixed with AJI SAVOR™ Chicken and Beef along with other umami-packed ingredients that will surely be enjoyed by kids and adults. AJI SAVOR™ will serve as a base flavor to your rice balls. This product is also convenient to use because you readily use it as rice topping and no need to cook.

Kitchen Experiments Tips and Hacks

Pro-tip for this Rice Balls: Make sure to measure rice 1 cup or approximately 170g for every 1 pack of AJI SAVOR™ to ensure balance of the flavor. Make sure to mix well the rice and AJI SAVOR™ to equally distribute the flavors across the rice mixture. Each rice ball is equal to ¼ cup or 4 tablespoons. Ensure safety by washing your hands and using gloves when rolling the rice balls.

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