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Christmas Food Tray Project

November 4, 2020 9:00 am


It is an understatement to say that the pandemic caused so much trouble, not only in our country, but to the whole world. Filipinos, like the rest of the world needs to adapt to survive and thrive. A volcano may erupt, storms may rush in and out, earthquakes may tear down skyscrapers, and a pandemic may threaten our livelihood but we have to remain resilient and keep our positivity.

Many workers may have been displaced due to the economic crisis brought by the pandemic. The yuletide season presents a golden opportunity to bounce back and build our own source of livelihood.

Food, as a necessity, is often the go-to product for those wanting to have a start-up business and the holiday season is one of the best time to work on it knowing that in this season of giving, these types of businesses are in demand.

Food trays are not-so-new ideas in the market but these are proven to be a hit to various consumers. These food trays are often the “Plan B” for people who wanted to celebrate an occasion but does not have the time to prepare. These food trays are offered in packages making it very convenient for the consumers. The process is basically ordering, waiting, and before you know it, your food is delivered to your doorsteps – ready for a gastronomic feast.

Food trays are not only goods or products that can be sold, it can also be thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, relatives, and families. Bartering food trays are reminiscent of relatives having potluck during Sunday gatherings or friends getting together for a reunion. If you happen to have a passion for kitchen work and want to be one notch higher taking your kitchen duties to a higher level, you might want to consider taking up a food tray business.

For starters, you won’t be expecting an influx of orders, instead, you’ll have quite a few orders but these are the ones that are vital as you progress in your business. You can start out sending these food trays as gifts to your relatives and family members, especially this Christmas season. Get their honest feedback and opinion on how you can improve your cooking. From there, you can polish your work and eventually start marketing and offering it to the public. You also won’t be expecting widespread reach at once. But your family, friends, and those whom you sent your sample food trays to, will surely help in spreading the word regarding your awesome food tray.

The Christmas season, after all, is a season of sharing, warmth, and food. Our resilience will get us through any obstacle. Whether you’ll have your food trays as a business or as gifts, one thing is for sure – food unites our families, even in the midst of sickness or trials.

As we prepare for Christmas, you can try out our recipes for this month as your gift or business ideas. Explore foods that can be made fresh and others prepped ahead. Know the tricks in pulsing the market’s demands and trends. COOKMUNITY® will present food platters if you want to target the restaurant goers, the cheese lovers and of course the kids and kids-at-heart. Watch out for our next blog!