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Restaurant-Style Christmas Food Platters

November 10, 2020 9:00 am

As the quarantine period continues, establishments are being held in a controlled condition in order to minimize risks of spreading virus. This took a toll on the economic status of nearly every nation in the world. Philippines is not an exception to this, in fact, our economy really suffered and a lot of businesses had to close down. Our food service industry also took a hard hit and even some well-loved restaurants had to close shop.

Most of us have missed dining out on a restaurant. With the pandemic, the usual Friday night out to cap off your work week or going to restaurant to celebrate special occasions or have a simple get together are not so common nowadays. You might also crave for restaurant favorites that you long to eat. But with a bit of creativity, guide, and easy to do recipes, you can make restaurant favorites into home-cooked platters – perfect for start-up food business or even as a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Food platters to capture interest of restaurant lovers
Filipinos, in particular, are fond of eating out as we always yearn for something new. Restaurant food are often treated with a lot of creativity in terms of the presentation. With this, people tend to lean towards the food establishment as they get enticed with the appetizing menu offerings. Like restaurants, you can make your own colorful meals that you can sell or send out as gift. The food platter that you should offer must go beyond what they usually cook at home.

Try these Asian resto favorites – Korean Beef Stew & Egg Fried Rice – made with Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce and AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, packed with colorful ingredients that will surely entice your family, relatives, and even your business clients.

The only thing that can make your clients (or family) to go back and crave for your cooking is retention and it is possible through two things. First, you should be unique enough so that you’ll leave a mark to your clients. Being unique makes your food stand out from mediocre one in the market. But if you are a bit on the starter side, you might want to take on the other track of retention – be exceptional. If you’re still afraid of being unique, what you can do is to be exceptional. You can level up your dishes and give your own twists in order to stand out among your competitors. With these, you can maintain retention for your clients who will keep on coming back for more.

As the saying goes, food is first consumed by the eyes, then the mouth. Visual appeal of the meals are often the first touchpoint of the food and the consumer. This is a major factor for meals whether for selling or as gifts. Presentation is one of the key points in providing a holistic dining experience.

In preparing colorful meals, you must consider first the ingredients of your dish/recipe. Opting for varied ingredients yields a colorful dish. Protein are mainly the highlight of the dish but vegetables are the ones that give accent to the dish by providing bright colors and refreshing look. Ideally, vegetables and garnish with contrasting colors gives the eye-catching appeal of the food.

Using varied ingredients to produce a colorful meal not only provides the aesthetic appeal of the food but also gives out nutrients adding up to the total nutrient value of the food. With these, you can have a visually appealing dish with added nutrient value – a package to highlight when you sell or send food platters as gifts.

Watch out for more Christmas food platter ideas that will surely satisfy your cravings this holiday season.