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Kitchen Experiments: Avocado Toast

June 22, 2020 11:00 am

Avocado Toast

Whether you are preparing meaty dishes or simple gulay recipes , the kitchen is one of the best places to get creative at home. Make the most of your available resources to combat stress and boredom while confined at home due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). You never know, your kitchen might be able to dish out some fresh snack ideas. Take up the challenge to provide innovative and healthy dishes for your family.

Fresh Snack Idea

Consumption of instant meals and ready-made food has definitely increased amid the lockdown period. Although some of us have limited access to fresh ingredients, this does not mean that it’s impossible make healthier choices. For snacks, sandwiches always come to mind, right? You have cheese, chocolate, and some savory instant spreads to complement your pandesal or loaf bread. But there are also bread mates that are fresh and packed with nutritious content such as fruit jams, marmalades, and the like. But a few kitchen tricks can produce savory snacks out of fresh fruits and other nutrient-packed ingredients.

Avocado Season

If you happen to get your hands on some avocados, you can do more than just the usual sweet desserts. Avocado has a buttery taste that blends well with umami-tasting ingredients. This fruit provides creamy and rich texture. I developed this Avocado Toast recipe, which was met with apprehensions when I did a taste sampling. However, after tasting, I got rave reviews for this delicious and nutritious recipe.

For this recipe, we added tomatoes, which are rich with lycopene and pretty accessible among households, kesong puti (cottage cheese), which is a local produce that adds up to the creaminess of the avocado. I also added AJI-SHIO® Pepper Seasoning Mix , which instantly and conveniently hits the perfect balance of seasonings.

Kitchen Experiments Tips and Hacks

Pro-tip for this Avocado Toast: Check the ripeness of your avocados by looking at the color of the avocado skin and look for a deep purple color to know if it is ripe. You can also grab it by the palm and gently squeeze it. Too firm grip means that the avocados are not yet ripe enough. Lastly, you can flick off the stem of the avocado and look at the color of the fruit beneath the stem. A greenish-yellow flesh will give you ripe avocados. You can opt to serve avocado mashed or sliced. For better texture, you can have big chunks of avocado. This Avocado Toast recipe is an open-faced sandwich. You can also top this with another slice of bread to make a closed-faced sandwich.

Other fruits that go well with savory sandwiches are banana, mango, apple, kiwi. No need to worry, we got you covered with our recipes: