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Kitchen Experiments: Tofu Popcorn

May 20, 2020 9:00 am


The Philippine Government took a step further and implemented alternative restrictive measures in combating COVID-19. NCR and a few cities and provinces were put under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ). This alternative solution will, ideally, slow down the spread of the virus as most of us are still obliged to stay at home for our safety. From delicious snacks to healthy gulay recipes , Ajinomoto has a wide variety of nutritious meals and simple kitchen experiments that you can easily try in the safety of your own home!

The Protein Alternative

If you are running out of menu ideas, try to experiment with the protein food Tofu. Even if prices of protein-packed meats in the market fluctuate due to supply issues, the price of tofu remained the same at a thrift price of PhP 5.00 per 100-gram cube. It is a good source of protein that can be modified in many ways.

Tofu dishes to try

Tofu is a versatile food ingredient. It is fermented bean curd and is rich in glutamate that gives it the delicious umami taste. You can boil it to make Miso Soup. You can mash and mix it with a few vegetables and egg to make tofu patties that you can serve with toasted bun. It can be fried to add a dimension of flavour to various dishes such as Pad Thai, Pansit Palabok, and Bibimbap. You can also make tofu sisig as a healthier alternative to the traditional pork sisig.

New Tofu Recipe

Tofu can be transformed into many out of the box dishes including this simple recipe requiring 2 ingredients. In this experiment, you can transform your tofu into a Tofu Popcorn  by simply coating the tofu cubes in Crispy Fry® Seasoned Crumbs® and directly fry it until it turns golden brown. It is a basic recipe that you can enjoy making at home for you and your family. You don’t need separate flour, egg, and breadcrumbs in making this dish. Just coat it with Crispy Fry® Seasoned Crumbs® and you are good to go.

Kitchen Experiments Tips and Hacks

Pro-tip for this Tofu Popcorn : You can cut tofu cubes bigger or smaller depending on the size that you prefer. You don’t need to add egg when using Crispy Fry® Seasoned Crumbs® since the coating naturally sticks to tofu given its moist outer layer. You can also play with different shapes (cubes, spheres, logs) in making your tofu popcorn .

Silken Tofu Tinola
Tofu Sisig
Tofu-Mushroom Sisig Bibimbap