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Special Egg Recipes that won’t break your budget

August 6, 2020 9:00 am


Breakfast is not always left-over fried rice, with a few cold cuts and processed meats paired with fried eggs on the side. Break away from your usual everyday fried eggs and hard boiled eggs and try to experiment on easy to do and affordable egg recipes for you and your family.

Play with Creative Presentation

Being creative and innovative are two important aspects in levelling up your recipes. Applying a little bit of presentation tricks, you can transform your ordinary silog meals to an upscale dish – at an affordable cost.

Your usual silog meal consists of a garlic fried rice, a sunny-side up egg, and a few bits of tapa, tocino, or even bacon. Taking inspiration from the regular baconsilog, you can try this Egg Wrap Recipe and get away from the old school plated dish. Replace your garlic fried rice with a toasted tortilla wrap – don’t worry, it may sound expensive, but it is quite the opposite. You can actually get these wraps from around ₱6.00 – ₱10.00 only per piece.



Using the tortilla wrap, assemble a scrambled egg, bacon bits, slices of fresh tomato, red onions and season with AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix. Top it all with your favorite cheese spread. Don’t forget to roll that tortilla wrap tightly to hold the fillings in. You can also use an aluminum foil or wax paper to do the job for you.

With this recipe, you can level up your silog cravings. Pro tip: you can do “Egg Wrap” with almost all cold cuts and processed meats. Try it with ham or even your local longganisa!

Innovate with Shapes and Sizes

Breakfast really gives good vibes to jumpstart your day. Whether you’re a child or child at heart, you will always look forward for a filling and delightful breakfast meal.

Common household breakfast includes eggs, hotdogs, and other types of sausages. These are easy to cook ingredients and enjoyed by kids (and adults, too).

One trick to lighten up your children’s early morning mood is to incorporate a fun aspect in their breakfast meals. Innovating with shapes and sizes boosts their appetite and entice them to eat well. Try this Egg and Sausage Roll Recipe, and give a new look to your egg and sausage breakfast.

This recipe consists of chicken sausage wrapped with cheese slices and egg and seasoned with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning. You can put it in a bun to make a sandwich. You can also cut it out into small pieces making bite-size breakfast or snack.

A good breakfast can turn gloomy mornings into bright days by elevating your usual breakfast menu with these new egg recipes from your Cookmunity®!

Watch out for more eggsciting and budget ulam recipes plus tips, tricks, and hacks using humble eggs to cook unique and delicious dishes!