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How Deep Is Your Love this Heart Awareness Month

February 8, 2024 8:44 am

This Heart Awareness Month let’s put emphasis on our health, centered to the organ that orchestrates how blood flows in the body which helps our other organs function properly, our HEARTs. And what better way to practice selflove than being mindful of what we eat through healthy eating habits and improving our physical health.  To care for our precious heart, try this easy and delicious Vegetable Tortilla made with Aji-Ginisa® Less Sodium.

High sodium intake put one at risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Reducing salt and sodium intake just by ½ can be very helpful in the long run.

Vegetable Tortilla

In a pan, heat oil then stir-fry onion, bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, and kidney beans for 2 minutes. Having different kinds of vegetables can give vitamins and minerals needed by the body, it also has fiber which is important in fostering good heart health.

Next, add Aji-Ginisa® Less Sodium in the pan, mix well then set aside for few minutes. Once the vegetables have cooled down, mix-in yoghurt, coriander, and black pepper, mix well.

Aji-Ginisa® Less Sodium has the right gisa deliciousness from onion, garlic, and meat extracts plus it has 30% reduced sodium content which helps in lowering the risks in having heart problems.

To assemble, get 1/3 cup of the vegetable mixture and place on the center of the tortilla wrap then fold into half. Transfer onto a plate then serve!

We’ll make your heart skip a bit with this yummy and healthy dish using Aji-Ginisa® Less Sodium. If you’re looking after your health and prefers to cook more heart-friendly dishes like this, visit Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines. You may also follow us on Facebook  and Tiktok to find out other recipes that suites your taste and health preference.