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Small details that count big in fiestas

March 20, 2020 5:12 am

Fiesta season is all year round in the Philippines and many households will surely prepare a lot of food for their families, relatives, and friends. In preparing for a festive gathering like this, you may opt to prepare fiesta favorites such as various gulay recipes , lumpia, chicken, and lechon. You might also want to try this Pansit Palabok Recipe made meaty with Porksavor® All-in-one Seasoning Mix.

PORKSAVOR®  All-In-One Seasoning Mix, which is available in 250-gram pack, makes a good choice for bulk cooking like fiesta as it provides consistent, meaty taste with lower cholesterol. It does not only elevate the quality of your fiesta dish but lowers down the cost of ingredients as well.

Keeping an eye for details can make big feasts like fiestas extra special. While planning for the big things is relatively important, you may also want to pin down small yet essential details. These small details say a lot about how you value your guests and could also help amplify party theme not only in decorations and set up, but also in the food served. Here are some helpful hints you may try when serving fiesta food:

  • Deveined shrimps for food safety

When preparing shrimps, Pinoys usually skip the step of removing the vein of the shrimp which is known to be a bit of a hazard in terms of food safety since the vein is actually the shrimp’s gut that could be a source of bacterial contamination. Deveining shrimp will surely delight your guests knowing that you put food safety first above anything else.

  • Carved calamansi for Pansit Palabok

Having fruit carving is really an extra when setting up your food. While a usual fruit carving may cost much (using watermelon, pineapples, etc.), you can practice your creativity with carving your calamansi for your Pansit Palabok.

  • Banana leaf on rattan plates

Using Rattan Plates wrapped in plastic bags is a common practice when serving in a fiesta. This practice minimizes the effort in cleaning up both saving time and water. But for a more eco-friendly option, try using a banana leaf as liner on your rattan plates which could save money (since banana leaf cost is very low, sometimes free) and the environment as well. This option also gives a “kamayan” feel for your “handaan.”

Each and every effort that you put into preparation can make all the difference with how your gathering turns out. From practicing food safety measures to adding your own creative touches, having a keen eye for detail will surely boost the festive spirit of you and your guests. Keep the tips listed above in mind and level up your fiesta celebrations!