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5 Ingredients To Spice Up Your Tinolang Manok Recipe

September 20, 2021 2:31 pm

If you’ve been keeping up with social media, you’re familiar with the age-old debate between young Filipinos: tinolang manok, yay or nay? There’s also the sayote vs. papaya argument amongst tinola lovers that’s definitely made for interesting discussions. But no matter where you stand, all can agree that this dish is a Filipino classic that will be loved for years to come. 

Still, it doesn’t hurt to add in a few unorthodox ingredients to your tinolang manok recipe. Even classics deserve a bit of a revamp every once in a while. Here are five ingredients you can add to give your dish a bit more kick.’

Pepper leaves (dahon ng sili) or Malunggay leaves

To add nutrients, umami flavour and color to your tinolang manok recipe throw in a bunch of pepper leaves or dahon ng sili. If dahon ng sili is not available, you may also use lots of malunggay leaves.

Coconut water


With coconut water, you can transform your tinola into the well-known chicken binakol, a delicacy from Visayas! Just swap plain water with coconut water for the broth, add in some coconut meat and coconut milk for that sweet and creamy flavor and you’re golden.

Lemongrass (tanglad)

For a tastier dish, try to add some lemongrass or tanglad! Make the ginger soup more aromatic and zestier in flavor with a few lemongrass stalks. Not to mention that lemongrass also has benefits such as addressing digestion issues and high blood pressure, making this tinolang manok recipe a healthier alternative.


Noodle lovers will definitely love this unique take on tinola! This combines the classic tinola flavor with the lightness of sotanghon noodles. Definitely the best of both dishes rolled into one, and one you can eat a warm bowl of during the upcoming cold -ber months.

AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning

Lastly, you can elevate your food and bring out the meaty, savory taste of this classic Filipino dish with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning. Take your tinola to the next level with seasoning that brings out all of the ingredients’ essential flavors and more. That way, your tinola can truly rise up among the rest.

There’s definitely a lot more ingredients you can add to make your tinolang manok recipe more unique and creative. All it takes is some research and trial and error, and you’re sure to find the perfect mix for your version of this delicious Pinoy delicacy.