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Imbento Meals: Quesadillas

January 15, 2021 9:00 am

When cooking “imbento meals,” it is important to consider the choice of ingredients and how they will blend well together. To make sure that the finished product will be a hit among your family members go with glutamate-rich ingredients like cheese and mushrooms to enhance the umami taste and make your dish deliciously good. It may be worthwhile to try new ingredients to add variety to your usual menu and to discover healthier alternatives to commonly served dishes.

Add something new to the table by offering quesadillas for snack. Quesadilla is a Mexican dish but you will find that its ingredients are widely available in supermarkets or online stores. As an alternative to grilled cheese sandwich, you may want to look into this recipe that uses tortilla and mozzarella.

Difference between tortilla and bread


Breads are baked goods made of flour, water and yeast, which usually comes in different shapes and sizes.


Tortillas are thin, round, flat, and unleavened breads because they are made without yeast. These are made from wheat flour or corn flour and are usually fried/toasted. Just like breads, tortillas are a source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Difference between mozzarella and cheddar

While having a block of cheddar cheese is more common in Pinoy households, mozzarella, and other types of cheeses are likewise widely accessible now in supermarkets and online stores. You may observe that cheddar cheese is mostly yellow and have firmer texture while mozzarella is mostly white with a semi-soft texture. Aside from color and texture, cheddar comes from cow’s milk, while mozzarella may come from buffalo’s milk or cow’s milk. Mozzarella is lower in sodium and calories than most other commercial cheeses in the market. It also contains probiotics that may help boost your immune system.

Regardless of the type, cheese is highly nutritious and a very good source of Protein. It is also rich in important vitamins and minerals, including calcium and phophorus for healthy bones and teeth, and vitamin B12 for healthy nerves and red blood cells.

This is a quick recipe that can be done in 35 minutes. To make this quesadilla snack, make the filling first by simply combining chopped red bell peppers, shredded mozzarella, chopped button mushrooms and minced white onions in a bowl. Use AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix to provide the satisfying “gisa” taste and aroma to the dish, then warm the tortilla in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Fill the half side of the round tortilla with the filling, then fold and flip over to the other side. Cook until tortilla is golden brown. Quesadillas are served in individual triangle-shaped pieces, which can be achieved by cutting half-folded tortilla into 2-3 sections.


We hoped you enjoyed COOKMUNITY®’s “Imbento Meal” recipes and may you find inspiration to cook up something new, healthy, and delicious for your family.