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February 18, 2020 9:00 am

It is indeed painful and heart-wrenching to be involved in a sweet love story that ended with a bitter conclusion. The happy memories might still linger which will make it harder to let go and completely move one. While getting over the pain is never easy, remember that it will take time to unhook and be truly free from the dreams that turned into nightmares.

The bold move is to declare that “Past is Past” and distance yourself from the shadows of it. Refuse to turn sour while reliving sweet moments and divert your attention to other things. Give yourself a chance to recover by letting go of resentment. Don’t feed your anger by engaging in another hot discussion with the past, once you change your approach, you will be able to deal with the pain.

In cooking, being stuck in the past may mean tracing back traditional and cultural dishes, which can be beneficial. Whether you are preparing intricate dishes or simple gulay recipes, knowing deeply the basics will help you advance in your culinary ventures. But being too traditional with no room for improvement, can be a burden too. There are a lot of techniques and cooking methods that you can explore apart from the traditional ones. You can play with modern approaches in food, giving the traditional dishes a modern twist.

If you have failed to spice up your relationship before, try this modern take on the classic Mac and Cheese recipe. This Spicy Mac and Cheese recipe is made more delicious and meatier with Porksavor® All-in-One Seasoning Mixwith an added spicy kick to give it an intriguing flavor profile.

Sometimes, love bites but we wish you success in the next chapter of your life and hopefully, once you were able to conquer your pain, you will also be a victor in your kitchen.

Sofie Conejos

Sofia Monteseňa–Conejos is AJINOMOTO PHILIPPINES CORPORATION’s Manager for the Culinary Nutrition team. She is highly skilled in kitchen management, recipe development, nutrient computation, food styling, and cooking demonstration. She is also a member of Nutritionist-Dietitian’s Association of the Philippines, Philippine Association of Nutrition and Philippine Society of Nutritionist – Dietitians, Inc.