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Kitchen Discoveries: Complement the meat

January 7, 2020 9:00 am

When it comes to simple and easy to cook ulam or elaborate recipes, Filipinos are known to be meat lovers. Meat-centric food establishments continue to mushroom all over the place. Though the market is saturated with this type of restaurants, people still tend to patronize these more. The common trend of sprouting establishments nowadays are those offering unlimited meats to be grilled and be paired with various side dishes.

This love of Filipinos for meat and anything grilled is best exemplified by a favorite party dish — pork barbecue. has been part of every dinner table in almost every occasion. What more can a simple skewered meat become? Fresh vegetables will perfectly complement the meat. A humble barbecue, when paired with freshly sliced tomatoes, cucumber, and onions and wrapped in a pita bread, can be a leveled-up shawarma. You can amplify your pork barbecue with this Barbecue Shawarma recipe that uses Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce to further boost the flavor.

There are numerous ways on how to enjoy meats. Be it grilled, fried, or simply seared, it will always be a complement to add vegetables and carbs on the side to break the monotonous taste and add a refreshing lift.

Level up your meat experience! Try to discover other meat and veggie pairings that complement well! Gear up for more Kitchen Discoveries to come!