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Imbento Meals: Chocolate Palitaw

January 28, 2021 9:00 am

Work and classes resumed after the holidays and due to the ‘new normal’ situation, most students are still at home attending online classes, while the workforce takes shifts in working from home and working on site.

COOKMUNITY® created “Imbento Meals” to reinvent classic recipes and help Filipino households offer something new for snacks at home. Rice cakes are commonly served during snack time. Canteens or street vendors in schools and offices would usually have rice cakes in their menu. Among the popular choices are puto, kutsinta, bibingka, bico, suman and palitaw . They are called rice cakes because they are made with glutinous rice. These sweet treats are normally paired with hot coffee or chocolate drink.



Try this Chocolate Palitaw recipe that is not only easy to cook but healthy and kid-friendly as well since we will use Prottie® Soymilk Drink Mix Chocolate that is high in protein and calcium and that will add the chocolate flavor that kids love. The first step is to combine the glutinous rice flour with water and mix them together until a dough is formed. Gradually mix in Prottie® (Chocolate) (in powder form) in the dough until well-blended.

The balled-up and flattened dough patties are then put in a pot of boiling water.  Once cooked, the flattened dough patties floats into the surface, which could also explain why this rice cake is called Palitaw, meaning ‘to surface’ in English.

Coat each Palitaw patty in grated coconut meat and sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and toasted sesame seeds before serving.