Pork Afritada

AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning


  • 2 Tbsps. (30ml) Cooking oil
  • 1/3 cup (42g) Onion, chopped
  • 2 Tbsps. (30g) Garlic, crushed
  • 1 kilo (1000g) Pork, afritada cut
  • 1 cup (250g) Tomato sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups (375ml) Water
  • 2 pcs (1g) Bay leaves, crushed
  • 1 cup (170g) Potatoes, cubed
  • 1 cup (150g) Carrots, cubed
  • 1/2 cup (60g) Red bell pepper, sliced
  • 1/2 cup (60g) Green bell pepper, sliced
  • 1/2 pack (5.5g) AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning
  • 5 tsps. (25g) Soy sauce
  • 1/8 tsp (0.25g) Pepper
  • 2 tsps. (10g) Sugar, white, refined


  1. SAUTÉ. In a pan, heat oil and saute onion and garlic. Add pork and saute until light brown.
  2. BOIL & SIMMER. Pour tomato sauce and water and let it boil. Add bay leaves and cook in medium heat for 20 minutes or until pork gets tender. You can add water if needed. Add potatoes, carrots and cook for 5 minutes. Add bell pepper and simmer for a few minutes.
  3. SEASON & SIMMER. Add AJI-NO-MOTO®, soy sauce sauce and pepper. Mix well and simmer for 1 minute.
  4. SERVE. Transfer on a serving bowl and serve hot.

Cooking Tips

When buying pork, look for pale pink flesh that's firm to the touch. It should not be saggy or looks falling apart.

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ajinomoto cooking_time  Cooking Time: 35 minutes ajinomoto prep_time  Preparation: 15 minutes ajinomoto servings  Servings: 6 ajinomoto size  Serving size: 1 cup (258 g)

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Nutrition Facts

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Good to Know Nutrition Facts

Pork Afritada has tomato sauce which is a good source of Lycopene that is beneficial to heart health.

*25% sodium reduced vs. regular recipe


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