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Kitchen Discoveries: Crave for more

January 15, 2020 9:00 am

“There is no denying that Filipinos love eating chicken” –Gaea Cabico

In an article written by Gaea Cabico in a local broadsheet, she mentioned the love affair of Filipinos with anything made out of chicken. True enough, Pinoys really love chicken. In fact, in the same article, she mentioned that the country reached 1. 75 million metric tons in terms of chicken production. If you still can’t visualize how huge it is, just step out of your house, look around, and notice how many roasted chicken kiosk are there. With countless easy to cook ulam recipes, this shows how easy and profitable chicken business can be.

In every party, fiesta, or even on a payday, Lechon Manok is pretty much a staple alongside with lumpia, pansit, and Sisig. Traditionally, preparing Lechon Manok needs a lot of time and patience. From heating up the charcoals, to the continuous rotation of the chicken to get the perfect and even cooking, preparing this is quite tedious. Other methods of cooking Lechon Manok include use of turbo broiler, electric or gas oven, or even brick oven called pugon. But the easiest way to munch on this Pinoy Favorite Craving is to just go outside, walk a bit, and buy from a local Lechon Manok stand.

Innovations from a humble Lechon Manok continue to sprout as time pass by. Like the famous Lechon Paksiw (made from roasted suckling pig), Lechon Manok can be made paksiw too. Most homemakers utilize the lechon sauce (offered as dipping sauce of lechon manok), a bit of vinegar, sugar, and other spices to transform Lechon Manok into paksiw. One Kitchen Discovery for Lechon Manok is merging it with another Pinoy Favorite, Sisig. Try this Lechon Manok Sisig recipe made with AJI-SHIO® Pepper Seasoning Mix . What other Lechon Manok discoveries do you have?

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