Stir Fried Tofu, Mushroom, and Bok Choy

SARSAYA® Oyster Sauce


Soy Sauce Mixture:
  • 1 Tbsp. (15g) Garlic, minced
  • 2 tsps. (6g) Ginger, minced
  • 1 tsp. (3g) Cornstarch
  • 2 Tbsps. (30ml) Soy sauce
  • 1 pack (30g) SARSAYA® Oyster Sauce
  • 1 tsp. (5g) Sugar
  • 1 tsp. (5ml) Sesame oil
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) Mushroom water, from can
  • 2 Tbsps. (30ml) Cooking oil
  • 2 cups (400g) Tokwa, cut into cubes
  • 2 Tbsps. (30ml) Cooking oil
  • 1 cup (200g) Button mushroom, canned, pieces and stems, drained
  • 1 cup (200g) Shiitake mushroom, canned, whole, drained
  • 2 cups (100g) Bok choy, ends trimmed


  1. MIX. To prepare soy sauce mixture, combine garlic, ginger, cornstarch, soy sauce, SARSAYA® Oyster Sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and mushroom water in a bowl. Mix well and set aside.
  2. FRY. In a pan, heat oil. Fry tokwa until slightly brown. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. STIR-FRY. In the same pan, heat oil. Stir-fry button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and bok choy for 1 minute. Add fried tofu and soy sauce mixture. Stir-fry until sauce thickens.
  4. SERVE. Transfer to a serving platter. Serve and enjoy while hot.

Cooking Tips

Stir gently once tofu is added to avoid it from breaking apart.

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ajinomoto cooking_time  Cooking Time: 15 minutes ajinomoto prep_time  Preparation: 5 minutes ajinomoto servings  Servings: 5 ajinomoto size  Serving size: 1 3/4 cups (176.8g)

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Good to Know Nutrition Facts

Despite being a plant-source, tofu is a cholesterol-free protein source that contains all essential Amino Acids needed by the body.


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